Flint Dental Health Fair Parterning with CBOP

This project is led by a steering committee that is part of a community-based partnership that includes representatives from Flint’s Community Based Organization Partners (CBOP), the Flint Community Outreach for Family and Youth (COFY), and the Man Up Man Down Program, located in the MSU College of Human Medicine’s Division of Public Health.

Our first dental health fair was October 1, 2016. We screened 125 people (65% women, 71% 41 years of age and older). Half of those screened were recommended to visit the dentist for needed treatment; and only half of those referred actually saw a dentist. The 2nd Annual “Brush up on Dental Health” Fair was on August 12, 2017. We screened 278 people and had 308 attendees. This year our fair will be held on August 4th. Our goals are to: (1) screen at least 400 people; (2) increase participation among men and the younger age groups; (3) increase dental utilization form 50% to 75%.

Health Dialogues in Flint and Detroit

Men's Health Dialogues consist of small groups of men from the Detroit and Flint communities where we discuss various men’s health topics. They involve a health education component, as well as a support group component. The education component promotes accurate facts about men’s health so that the men from these communities can make informed decisions about their health. The support group component consists of a discussion forum to address psychosocial barriers to men’s health, including challenging the social expectation of men to “man up” to all issues in life and not seek help.